What To Post On Your Social Media – Free Planner

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at planning out a few topics to talk about on social media, now we can take this to the next step, and create a calendar full of ideas so that when you sit down to do some social media posting, you will have plenty of time-relevant things to post about.
Take a look at this populated planner, it will give you some ideas on what you can write about each month along side your own topics from our last email.
Using this blank planner, you can print these off, and mix in any relevant National awareness days for your business, and add your own topics and themes. Remember you can use this year after year! You can add in any of your own seasonal promotions.
This will be a work in progress for you, whenever you see posts from others, or get an idea, you can add to this, and build it up over time.
Remember though, on the example I have given you, you may wish to start promoting certain topics early. For example, if you have a gift based business, and you are thinking of Fathers day, then you may need to start talking about Fathers Day at the end of May rather than mid June. Hense filling out your own planner will make it more relevant to your own business and time lines.
Please feel free to pop over to our Facebook group and take a photo of your own planner when you have filled it out and add it to our group, it may be helpful to others, and you might receive some great ideas in return from each other. I would love to see what you come up with.
Have a brilliant day, until next time…..
Fond WishesTarryn

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