3 Tips To Beat Social Media Overwhelm

3 Quick Tips To Beat Social Media Overwhelm
Do you ever find all the different social media platforms too overwhelming? Feeling like you need to have a presence on every platform out there? I know exactly how you feel, it’s really hard to have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google +, YouTube……. The list goes on. Here’s my top 3 tips on keeping on top of your social media marketing.


  1. Think about the social media platforms you enjoy using to keep in touch with others, or read up on what’s going on. The likelihood is, that you are much more likely to commit, and be active on the platforms you enjoy, so start off with these. It’s worth narrowing things down, and doing them well, rather than trying to be a master of everything and feeling like you’ve failed because you can’t keep up.

  3. ┬áThe important thing is not to over commit yourself, so I would suggest concentrating on up to three key social media platforms, and just have a have a profile set up with basic info on any others you feel relevant, just so that people can find you, but don’t get overwhelmed by them all. Have a think about which platforms work well for your type of business, I’ll cover a little more about this in a future blog for you, to see what’s out there and how to find the best platforms for your business.

  5. ┬áHave a think about any social media platforms that link up to save you time, for example, Instagram links well to Twitter and Facebook (Personal account), and likewise you can link your Facebook Fan Page to Twitter. There are also 3rd party apps and tools that can help you to schedule to a number of accounts at the same time, again, I’ll come back to this. If you need support with which ones work well together, how to do this, or even to have a ‘done for you service‘ book a complimentary session with me where we can discuss your needs.


We’ll be looking at things in much more detail in future blogs, like time saving, engagement and making sure you are reaching your target audience later, but for now, just make a note of what you use now, and a basic note of your following, or connections so that you can monitor your progress. If you’d like to talk about which platforms you should be using, simply apply for a complimentary call with me where we can look at what would work well, and is easy to manage.

We have a free business mums support group where you can ask any questions to do with your business, and connect with like minded business owners, please feel free to join us.


If you are already working on a few social media platforms, and you’d like to know how well this is working for you in terms of engagement, you may like to take a look at your Klout score. This is a scoring that takes into account your social media presence and influence, as you can imagine, a key to brand awareness. Google ‘Klout’ and set yourself up an account (Free) and you’ll be able to monitor progress here too. Let us know your score in our group, or as a comment on the blog, and feel free to ask a question here, or tell me what other tip’s you’d like me to share.


I hope you found this post useful, please spread the support by sharing this on your social media, or forwarding to a friend, and if you haven’t already, remember to grab your free 7-Part BUSYness To BUSINESS series to help you build your brilliant business alongside busy family life.


Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog
Until next time
Fond Wishes

Tarryn x

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