New Year, Fresh Start ? – How did you get on with that?



It’s never too late for a fresh start…..

So, that’s the back of January! Not always the best month of the year for everyone….. There can be a pressure to set big goals for the year ahead, and be on top of your game right away, but do you know what?? It’s okay not to feel like this.
My biggest tip for February, is to do things on your own terms, let yourself know that if you didn’t get off to a flying start on January 1st, it’s okay…….
After such a busy time of year, organising everything and making sure your family got an awesome Christmas, when January comes around, there’s often that feeling of ‘catch-up’ or getting back into things, and an exhaustion left over from the festive period.
It’s okay not to apply that extra pressure to yourself, to expect to have the whole of 2017 mapped out, and be totally clear on your vision for your business, or your family fun plans and ideas for the year ahead.
I’ve actually spent my January de-cluttering, getting back on track, and I’m still working on my goals, as I truly believe that it’s not always possible to have a crystal clear view of how you want things to be by the time the 2nd January comes around. Goal setting is a constant process, something you should always have half an eye on, especially to check you’re still along the right lines with your direction, or if you’ve actually pulled away from them slightly, perhaps by being distracted by something else, or generally getting caught up with family life.
So, rather than taking down my ‘free, Big Review Pack‘ I’ve decided to keep it up a little longer, for those of you who are like me, and would like to take a bit more time looking back over what you can learn from last year, and what success strategies you can take forward from some of the things that worked well.
You are very welcome to get your free copy right here, and I’ll be around to support you with any questions you might have, or support with going forward from here for the year ahead.

Simply CLICK HERE to get your free pack.

Let us know in the comments what you would love to start a fresh in February….
If you need any help with your year ahead, apply for a complimentary call to work on one of your biggest challenges you face with balancing a business alongside a busy family life.
Wishing you a fab month
Fond Wishes
Tarryn x

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