Networking Effectively: Introducing Your Business

When you go networking, or even when you are simply telling someone else about your business, it’s helpful to know what you are going to say and feel comfortable with how you introduce your business.
If you can find a way to captivate people to want to hear more, then you are on to a winner.
I could tell people I’m a business coach & mentor, but what’s that? Who do I help, what do I do? Who cares? It’s very easy to switch off in networking when you are listening to the same things each time, there may be several coaches in the room. This could be the same for distributors or people recruiting for team members, book keepers, accountants, therapists…… the list goes on.
So, how do you captivate people, or get them to tune into what you are saying that makes you stand out from the rest?
It sounds simple, and I’ll explain how …… engage them.
Below are a few different things to try out:
Think about the people who you can help. What are their key problems or challenges? Jot down a few of these challenges, and think about how you can empathise with them. What do they find themselves doing? What are they saying on a daily basis? What makes them pull their hair out?! THEN…. How do you help them?
So, think in terms of:
  1. Who is it that you help?
  2. What is it that you help them with?
  3. How do you help them?
For example…
I help busy mums in business who are trying to juggle a business and family to create a successful business, using coaching and mentoring programmes, and online resources.
I could go on to say…
We look at where you are now, where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there with a variety of tools & techniques, so that you can spend more quality time with your family and focus on being a great Mum whilst creating that successful business you always wanted!
You can also engage people by starting with a question.
E.g. Who in this room is juggling their business with family life?
(Hold your hand up to encourage others, or ask them to raise their hand, or look around to see who is nodding and smiling) – then you can go on to say what you do.
Or, another great way to introduce your business, and engage with your audience came from a workshop we did with Claire Godwin on how to nail your 60 seconds in networking, using this brilliant template:
You know how when……. (Describe the main problems your customers face)
Well, what I do is……. (Tell people how you help people)
Using …… (Maybe there’s a 7 step formula, or special products)
And today I’d like to…….. (You may like to say who you’d like to connect with, your call to action)
For example:
You know how you’re trying to build a sustainable business whilst knee deep in nappies, entertaining little ones & keeping on top of school runs, housekeeping & fulfilling all the family needs? Well, what I do is, help busy mums build brilliant businesses through coaching and online programmes with tips, tools, helpful planners and help to raise your business and balance a happy family life too. I’m looking to connect with mums who love what they do, but feel frustrated with their success to try the 90 Day business boost online programme from the comfort of their home!
You can practice this, and relate the tips above to your business to see if it lasts around 60 seconds which is what most networking groups ask for, and people tend to switch off after this long too, so keep it short and sweet and aim to leave people wanting to know more.
Try not to fit in too much, or speak too quickly to fit more in, people won’t remember what you said, less is more! Take a deep breath, speak slowly and clearly, smile, and play about with your introduction until you feel comfortable. Try using different special offers in your call to action, or even a freebie! Everyone likes a freebie!
Okay, if you’re feeling up to it, why not record yourself on a little video doing an introduction of your business and post it to our Facebook group, and give each other feedback. It’s secret after all, and you’ll get opinions on how you come across.If you have an example product or something visual, it can be useful to hold this up as something people will remember visually too.

If you need help crafting your introduction please feel free to contact me.

Have a brilliant day, until next time…..
Fond Wishes

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