How To Plan & What To Post On Your Social Media

Let’s take a look at planning out what you can post about on the social media platforms you have chosen to use. See my recent blog post on picking your platforms.

Imagine sitting down to do some social media marketing, and knowing exactly what you’re going to do. Would that be helpful?

That’s what we’re going to focus on right now…..

This could be as simple as having 12 themes for each month January through to February, you can use these themes as blogging topics, which can also be sent out in your newsletters, and you can extract short messages from this content to tweet or create Facebook posts for the month. Do the work once, and then re-use for different platforms. Making sense so far?

So, grab a piece of paper, and write down 12 topics you could write about relating to your business, these could be as simple as top tips, or you could create whole articles, short blogs, or even make videos.

You could write a simple list, or a visual brainstorm.

Could you take this one step further and do up to 4 sub-topics for each of the 12 topics you have on your list?

If you can, then can you see how this can now become a weekly focus for your posts, tweets, newsletters etc.

Take a moment to see if you can extend your list or brainstorm just a little further.

** Top Tip ** when thinking of your topics, put yourself in the shoes of your customer, what would they like to learn about, what would help them? What are their challenges? Instead of writing about what you want to share or sell, think about what they need. Why not even use one of your topics to ask them about their biggest challenges, get them to tell you, and spark engagement.

Think about the 3 E’s, your content should do one or some of these:


Keep your list handy, so you can make up your unique social media plan (also known as an editorial calendar)

You’ll be able to repeat the majority of this content each year!

Please feel free to pop over to our Facebook group and share some of your topics, they may be helpful to others, and you might receive some great ideas in return from each other.

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