Grow Your Business By Becoming The Go-To Person and Expert In Your Field

Why Become An Expert?

If you are serious about your business or career, becoming the expert is the way forward.
If you feel like people aren’t appreciating your expertise, working out how to become an expert – even on a small scale – will definitely help you. In fact, it’s a must if you want people to take you and your work more seriously.


Everyone wants to work with or buy from the person who has the reputation, credibility and knowledge of an expert. With more demand, you can choose which customers to take on, as opposed to engaging with everyone.


With more demand, you can set a higher price for your product or service, instead of catering for the masses and competing on price; the expert can choose with whom to work and request a higher fee.


Do You Find It Hard to Sell Yourself?

Sometimes it may seem as though competition is stronger than ever. How do you stand out and get that sale? How do you grab people’s attention in an ever growing sea of noise when they’re so often swayed by price rather than quality?
Being an expert in your field makes you the go-to person for your industry. Do you tend to trust those who know their stuff and promote this well?


Being an expert helps you:


  • Establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Help others
  • Become a trusted resource
  • Get interviews and media coverage
  • Convert followers to sales


Other people may be offering similar services but they are never going to be offering exactly what you do. Also, they will never do it the way that you do it. There’s only one of you, which makes your personal experience unique. When you pick a specific niche or group of people with whom to work, being an expert gets much easier.



Know Your Niche and Be Confident With It

Working with a topic, product or service that you love makes life a lot easier on you. Not only do you likely already know a great deal about it, but it’s something into which you’ll be eager to sink your teeth and do the required work. If you feel unsure, take some time to think about your niche area and whether it’s right for you; there are so many areas you can easily find a niche close to your passion. Your own personal story will often become part of your expertise.


In my case, when I studied with the Youth Coaching Academy and was mentored by the chairman, I was taught to take a problem or challenge that I had endured, and turn it into a gift to give to others, and I can honestly say that I have embodied this, and it is a true passion of mine to help other Mums to balance their business and lifestyle. I even used an exercise from the course to create a cartoon character for myself to help me to embody the characteristics to become a successful Mum, especially when I felt so far away from success. I’ll share this with you later!


Once you’ve picked something, or decided that you are clear and on the right track, you are your chosen niche, throw yourself into the topic. Spend at least an hour or two a day thinking about, doing, participating in or otherwise being involved with your topic area. This can include reading news in your field, practicing what it is you want to do or going to events related to it, spend as much time as you can in your field. The aim isn’t to fake it until you make it, but to become a real expert quickly.


If you are serious about your business, becoming the expert is the way forward.
Working out how to become an expert – even on a small scale – will definitely help you. In fact, it’s a must if you want people to take you and your work more seriously.



Keep up to date with present information, learn about what’s important in your industry today and stay current.


Here are some ideas:


  • Read blogs, magazines and books
  • Go to seminars and workshops
  • Watch and listen to the right programmes on television and radio
  • Take part in on-line webinars and e-courses,
  • Download related podcasts or listen to CDs
  • Attend big conferences and events


When you listen and take on board all that information, you will be improving your skills and getting closer to being the expert every day. Information is power!

There are so many different ways to become the ‘Go-To’ person, or the expert in your field, and make yourself stand out from the others in a way that suits you, so why not apply for a complimentary breakthrough session with me, where I will give you 45 minuites of my time to help you breakthrough. I look forward to connect with you. Simply CLICK HERE to apply.

If you have found this helpful, please do consider passing this on to business mum friends, or sharing through your social media. I look forward to connect with you

Fond Wishes

Tarryn x

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