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As a mum in business you will know exactly how it feels to juggle family, life, relationships and run a business, whilst still trying to find time to be inspirational and develop your business, without feeling overwhelmed.

It can feel so frustrating doing little bits of everything and feeling like you are getting nowhere in your business. In the corporate world, businesses have a department for each part of their business, but many of us mumpreneurs run the whole business ourselves, so we ARE the accounts department, the marketing department, admin and sales, and that’s before we have even started doing what we love, and actually set out to help people with!

A vicious circle of working harder and putting in more hours to get more clients or customers, but instead your business eats away at your time with your family.

You really want to get focussed and make a serious income from your business, but sometimes you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start.

Build your business success with the help of my popular 7 Step EMPOWER Programme

This free ‘BUSYness To BUSINESS’  webinar series unpacks my popular 7 step ‘EMPOWER’ program to help you to build a brilliant business alongside your busy family life.

I’m going to help you to think about some of the key steps to bring more balance into your life & business, and to create a business that rewards you for your effort’s rather than eat away at your precious time that you could be spending with your family.

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