3 Simple Steps To Be True To Yourself

‘ Just Be Yourself’ What does that even mean? It’s about being true to the best version of yourself, the person you truly are in your core, and living life on your terms, not those of others. Here’s my 3 simple steps to be true to yourself: 1) Being true to yourself begins with knowing exactly who you are, and […]

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The Importance Of Being True To Yourself

When you are being true to yourself, you are being true to your core identity rather than trying to live up to the expectations of others, whether that be partners, friends, family, business colleagues, or even our own children! Its about being completely honest with yourself and having the courage to express your feelings honestly. When you are completely connected […]

Productivity Tips: Part 2

Hey! Here’s Part two of my top productivity tips, I hope you find them useful… • Imagine you are going on holiday shortly, imagine how quickly you plough through your ‘To-Do’ list when you are about to go on holiday? Try it, and see if you double your productivity, pretend that you are going away on Friday, and see how […]

Productivity Tips – Part 1

I wanted to share a few productivity tips I have picked up along the way, to help you make the best possible use of your time. • Get really clear focus. So, re-visit your vision that you created at the beginning of this programme, make sure you keep it close and refer back to it, is this still your direction […]

Networking Effectively To Raise Your Business

Formal’, to Me, Networking is Fun, welcoming, and supportive. I look forward to the network meetings I run, and it doesn’t even feel like networking, at times it feels like meeting with friends. Let’s take a look at what networking is, and is not! Here’s a definition of Networking: Interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social […]

How To Plan & What To Post On Your Social Media

Let’s take a look at planning out what you can post about on the social media platforms you have chosen to use. See my recent blog post on picking your platforms. Imagine sitting down to do some social media marketing, and knowing exactly what you’re going to do. Would that be helpful? That’s what we’re going to focus on right […]

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Social Media Time Saving Tips – Discover Your Top 3 Social Platforms

It can be really off-putting when there are so many social media platforms out there, and you feel you should be active on everything, here’s one way to re-assess your social media, and save some time along the way. Let’s focus on what platforms you are using. Don’t get too hung up on feeling as though your need to be […]

Facebook Engagement Tips – What to post and when. 1

How does it all work? EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine the importance of a status update. The more comments a status update receives, the higher its EdgeRank. The higher the EdgeRank, the higher that update is placed in news feeds. In addition, Facebook will display that update to more people. This means getting comments should be your goal […]

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