7 Signs You are Not being True To Yourself

Do you relate to any of these? 

1) You look to others for approval or validation.

2) You don’t trust your own intuition making it difficult to make decisions easily, you might often change your mind because of not feeling completely congruent.

3) You let other people’s opinions have too much control over your life, you take what others say to heart, and often let opinions affect you.

4) You can often be hard on yourself, and regularly have a critical self-talk going on in your head.

5) You compare yourself to others, sometimes you might even let this hold you back.

6) You begin to realise that you can’t be everything to everyone, and struggle to create healthy boundaries that allow you time and space for yourself. Saying ‘No’ to people feels difficult.

7) You often put yourself last, leaving your own needs to fall to the bottom of your priorities, you don’t make a habit of investing in yourself.


When these things happen, you may find that you are not following your heart. Your heart and your head are pulling in different directions, and you feel a sense of inner conflict. It can feel difficult to pin point exactly why, but it can make life feel heavy.


The Importance Of Being True To Yourself

When you are being true to yourself, you are being true to your core identity rather than trying to live up to the expectations of others, whether that be partners, friends, family, business colleagues, or even our own children! Its about being completely honest with yourself and having the courage to express your feelings honestly. When you are completely connected with yourself, you are paying attention to your feelings, and aware of your alignment to your values and identity. When these fall out of sync, you know how to make small changes to re-align them quickly and stay true to yourself. You don’t need to look for acceptance and re-assurance from others, there is no need to become someone else, or hide who you really are, you simply accept yourself without judgement.


Are you being true? 


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