50 Self Care Suggestions For Busy Mums – Peaceful Parenting Series

Do you make self-care a priority or is it pushed way down your to-do list?

_You can't pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first._

Do you ever feel that when you are at your lowest point mentally and emotionally, more things seem to go wrong? This is no coincidence.

As busy mums, we need to be on top of our game, it’s important to remember that it’s not selfish to need or crave down time.
When you’re refreshed, energised and feeling good about life the whole family benefits, and you will give off positive energies and be much more solution focussed towards any of life’s little challenges. When we stay connected to our own well-being it radiates out to our children, and we are much more patient.
We often know that we should be looking after ourselves a bit more, but Knowing and doing are two completely different things. Let’s make it easy for you.
When we think of self-care or ways to be kind to ourselves, we can easily draw a blank, so here’s a list of things you can do to look after yourself.

1. Book yourself a massage, or invest in some simple massage rollers, heat pads, fluffy throws or cosy PJs to snuggle up in

2. Take up Yoga, sign up for a class and make new friends, or if it’s difficult to get out, there’s plenty yoga video’s on YouTube

3. Unwind with a good book and your favourite hot drink

4. Meditate and practice mindfulness, there are lots of ideas on YouTube

5. De-Clutter something, a room, a cupboard, a drawer or wardrobe

6. Know when you’ve had enough and remove yourself

7. Unplug for a while from your social media, whatever you feel you can realistically manage

8. Book a manicure, or spend a quiet evening in painting your nails

9. Stretch, it only takes a moment!

10. Focus on healthy eating, or start with choosing healthy snacks that give energy

11. Take a walk or run

12. Find a place to be around nature, water is great for the soul

13. Get some Vitamin D during the summer, sit out in the sunshine (Safely of course)

14. Give yourself a facemask

15. Make time for hobbies or creative activities

16. Smile and laugh as often as you can

17. Connect with a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while

18. Learning to say ‘No’ to things that don’t serve you, and Say Yes to invites or requests that can give you a positive outlet or a break from parenting, stop putting yourself last

19. Create a set of positive affirmations for yourself to check in with each morning

20. Say Yes to invites or requests that can give you a positive outlet or a break from parenting, stop putting yourself last

21. Start using a journal. There are lots of different ideas online to find a way of journaling that suits you 22. Plan a break or a holiday

23. Not to overextend or overcommit yourself on things

24. Cook your favourite meal

25. Listen to your favourite song or album that uplifts you

26. Practice gratitude

27. Take time out to focus on your breathing, even briefly, look up Diaphragmatic breathing

28. Learn something new, that you’ve been wanting to, but put off, take a course, or check out online tutorials

29. Drink more water, 2.7 litres is our recommended daily intake

30. Try painting or colouring, it is known to be very calming

31. Hire a sitter and spend an evening out doing something you enjoy

32. Try something new

33. Re-Prioritize

34. Ask for help

35. Plant flowers, try a spot of gardening

36. Take an early night

37. Create yourself a quiet space somewhere

38. Take a long shower or bath

39. Help someone out

40. Shop for just yourself as a special treat

41. Get a beauty treatment or give yourself one with a face mask

42. Listen to an energising podcast

43. Watch a sunrise or sunset

44. Set yourself goals, visions and intentions for the future, write them down

45. Have coffee with a good friend

46. Talk about yourself with kind words

47. Acknowledge and release your stress

48. Fill your life with things and people that uplift you

49. Assess and remove draining energies

50. Remember what an amazing Mum you are, kiss your children’s forehead and feel the love you have for each other.

Be kind to yourself by putting larger self-care treats into your diary as a date with yourself and make a rule not to cancel! If you want to be amazing at self-care and be on top form, try to do something no matter how small every day.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” Eleanor Brown

I hope you find these useful, do let me know which ones you enjoy the most!

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I look forward to connect with you if you are successful. Please share these tips with any of your friends you feel would benefit too. Share the love!

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