5 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Following

Twitter is free to use, and a fantastic marketing tool to reach and connect with hundreds of new people who could become potential customers & clients for you.

You can share information about your new products, share testimonials, news updates, special offers, recommendations and much more.

Twitter has a huge capacity for reaching, and building relationships with new people, it is a much different to Facebook with it’s algorithms deciding which posts to push up the wall, Twitter has and entirely different method, and there’s generally a different mindset among tweeters, as more people will often retweet you.

So, here’s my top tips for gaining new followers, and building new relationships on twitter ultimately leading to more custom.

1) Get really clear about your Niche. Who would you like to follow you? Who is your ideal customer? Think Quality not quantity.

2) Follow a few of these people each day. (Don’t over do it) get yourself into a routine.

3) Search relevant hashtags for people to follow, or follow new contacts from a tweet up.

4) Engage in conversation on tweet up’s or bu searching a relevant hashtag and encourage a follow back

Think about your ‘Netiquette’

5) Thank your new followers with a DM (Direct Message) – (private option)


Give a ‘mention’ publically on your wall. (Great opportunity to strike up conversation here)

Good example of a DM here:

“Thanks for the follow. I help Mums to further their business through coaching & mentoring. What do you do?”

6) Retweet other followers content (Think Law of reciprocity) – They are likely to remember you and do the same for you.

7) Thank people when they RT you, and on a Friday, use #FollowFriday to give your top followers a shout out, they will do the same for you.

If you are getting to grips with Twitter, and you’d like some more help, you’ll find my Twitter Tutorial useful, or for a limited time only, the social media combo tutorials are on special offer. If you get frustrated on Facebook trying to get your posts seen, and would like to use Twitter effectively to boost your business, then you’ll love this! CLICK HERE.

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