4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Your Posts Seen On Facebook

In the ever changing battle to get more reach on Facebook and make sure that more people see your posts, I believe that the underlying message stays the same. Is your content engaging enough? So, here’s 4 simple questions to ask yourself each time you put content out on your Facebook page…


1) Will my fans ‘Like’ my post?

They need to click the like button, and don’t be afraid to ask them to do so!

2) Will my fans ‘Comment’ on my post?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself this ‘What can I do to make my fans comment?’

3) Will my fans ‘Share’ my post?

Again…. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share your post

4) If I have included a link in your post, will my fans actually ‘Click’ that link?

Try not to add too many selling links back to your website unless you are sure people will click, or if you are running an advert or post boost, because if they don’t, then this will actually reduce your reach. If you are adding a link, try to give as much value as you can in the link, to encourage people to click.


If your fans take any, or all of these 4 actions (Like, Comment, Share & Click) this will show Facebook that they are interested in your content. Facebook will therefore put your posts out into the news feeds more often. If people are not doing these 4 things, then your posts will stay low down in the feed and won’t be seen by as many people.


I hope you find this helpful, please do share this with your business mum friends who will appreciate the tips, and if you need any further help with any of your Social Media needs, or growing your business, why not apply for a complimentary 45 minuite breakthrough session with me. Simply CLICK HERE to apply.

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